In the wild, capybaras live only around 4 years and that is mainly due to the fact that they are preyed upon by some fierce predators, otherwise a capybara would live up to 10 years.

In the wild, capybaras predators

While they are cute animals, these predators don’t appreciate them for their cuteness but for their nutritional value:

PUMAS: These large cats have been known to attack and kill capybaras. They hunt them by using their speed and agility.

SNAKES: Snakes like pythons and boa constrictors can easily kill a baby capybara in one bite. They will generally wait until the rodent is asleep before attacking it, so as not to get injured by those sharp teeth or claws during an attack attempt.

JAGUAR: The most common predator is the jaguar (Panthera onca), which can be found in many parts of South America. The jaguar will stalk its prey and attack it from behind, using its sharp claws to sever the capybara’s spine and kill it instantly. 

BIRDS of prey are a danger for baby capybaras mostly. Black vultures and caracaras are their main predators in the sky and contrary to popular belief, pelicans do not represent a danger to capys!

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