Sadly, not everyone sees a gentle giant in capybaras, some people love capys because of their meat which is very popular (and expensive) in South America.

We cannot give a review about the meat as we will never consume it thus we rely on the experiences of those who did. Most people consider capybara meat to be similar to that of lean pork. Some people say it resembles fish but this has to do more with the Catholic church declaring capybara meat acceptable to consume during lent because it spends a lot of time in the water, thus it is almost a fish, completely ignoring biology that capybaras are the largest rodents.

While the price of capybara meat is high, it most probably has to do with its rarity rather than its delicacy.

Other than in some parts of South America, capybara meat is not even available to purchase and while the species is not endangered, we sure hope it will not be widely available in the future either.

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