Capybara Swimming

Capybaras are remarkable swimmers, in fact they only live near a body of water. This is not very rare for rodents, but it is rare for a land animal of their size to be such prolific swimmers. They swim not only to clean themselves or to relax but also to eat aquatic plants, an important …

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Capybara Predators

In the wild, capybaras live only around 4 years and that is mainly due to the fact that they are preyed upon by some fierce predators, otherwise a capybara would live up to 10 years. While they are cute animals, these predators don’t appreciate them for their cuteness but for their nutritional value: PUMAS: These …

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Capybara Meat

Sadly, not everyone sees a gentle giant in capybaras, some people love capys because of their meat which is very popular (and expensive) in South America. We cannot give a review about the meat as we will never consume it thus we rely on the experiences of those who did. Most people consider capybara meat …

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